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    • 11 Dec 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 1:15 PM (MST)
    • Brown Palace Hotel: 321 17th St. Denver, CO 80202
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    Please join us for our December luncheon:

    Brown Palace: Balancing Your Act

    Stress is part of everyone’s life, but if you don’t learn to find some balance, serious health consequences could be waiting!  This 90 minute training includes education, self-evaluation, and interactive exercises.  We will cover exactly what effects chronic stress can have on your health.  Evaluation tools will be provided to help you identify your specific stressors and how well you are managing them.  Healthy stress management ideas will be discussed and several techniques will be practiced.  By the end of this training, you will be armed with the knowledge and tools to help you achieve a life well balanced.

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018
    11:30am Networking, Program will begin promptly at noon and last until approximately 1:15pm.

    Brown Palace Hotel
    321 17th St.
    Denver, CO 80202

    Lunch Fees:
    Members - $40, Non-Members - $60,
    Gold Members - none*

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    About Our Presenter

    Michelle Zellner
    Owner/Founder Better Beings

    Michelle has been a trainer, coach, and facilitator for over 20 years. While still maintaining long-standing private clients, Michelle has recently focused her efforts on corporate wellness training, weekend wellness workshops, and an incredible wellness retreat on the Island of Kauai, HI. She seeks to inform, influence, and inspire all who wish to become a better being.

    Michelle’s background has enabled her to deliver on a wide variety of topics, including: exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress management, sleep, preventing and managing chronic disease, work-life balance—and many more. She was the facilitator for the Denver chapter of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for a BetterU program in 2012 and 2013, which enabled her to guide women toward lasting changes that will positively impact their health. She currently volunteers for the American Heart Association, in a variety of ways to promote wellness within her community. Her You Revolution program, a 10-week Lifestyle Change training, has been well received by a diverse group of participants, including approximately 300 faculty and staff from Denver Public Schools. When her passion for motivating and inspiring people to take charge of their health, collides with the opportunity to deliver in a group setting, the result is a positive transfer of knowledge and energy.

    Michelle has a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado- Boulder, as well as a bachelor’s degree from The University of Hawaii, with a major in Psychology. In 1997 she first earned her Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council on Exercise and has spent the last 20+ years continuing to learn in all areas of fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. 

    • 08 Jan 2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:15 PM (MST)
    • Maggiano's Downtown: 500 16th St Mall Suite 150

    Please join us for our January luncheon:

    Post-Election Update: What Will Happen to Benefits?
    Jan Jacobson of the American Benefits Council will be joining us on January 8 to provide an update about what we might see in retirement and benefits policy in 2019.  Jan is Senior Counsel, Retirement Policy, for the American Benefits Council in Washington, DC.  She regularly interacts with legislators and regulators and will be able to provide an insider’s view of what is to come.

    Tuesday, January 8, 2019
    11:30am Networking, Program will begin promptly at noon and last until approximately 1:15pm.

    Maggiano's Downtown
    500 16th St Mall Suite 150
    Denver, CO 80202

    Lunch Fees:
    Members - $40, Non-Members - $60,
    Gold Members - none*

    About Our Presenter

    Jan Jacobson
    Senior Counsel, Retirement Policy

    Jan Jacobson is senior counsel, retirement policy for the American Benefits Council. Jan provides counsel and assistance on a wide range of regulatory and legislative retirement matters and staffs the Council’s Legal Affairs Committee (comprised of in-house ERISA and tax counsel of our member companies) as well as the Council’s Retirement Income Task Force. She also has primary responsibility for the preparation of most agency comment letters on retirement policy topics. In addition, Jan has taught courses as an Adjunct Professor for the LL.M. program in the Graduate Tax division of the Georgetown University School of Law.

    Jan joined the Council in 2003 from Northern Trust Retirement Consulting, L.L.C. (now Aon Hewitt) in Atlanta, GA, where she served for seven years as Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President. In that capacity, as well as other positions throughout her career, she has gained both broad and deep experience in many aspects of retirement policy, including primary responsibility for corporate compliance with IRS, DOL, SEC and Federal Reserve regulatory requirements. Jan has extensive experience both as a practicing attorney in the ERISA field, as well as interpreting developments in the public policy arena for clients and others. She has practiced law as an ERISA/employee benefits attorney with the firms of Elarbee, Thompson & Trapnell (now known as Elarbee, Thompson, Wilson & Sapp) of Atlanta, GA; Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy (now merged with Bryan Cave LLP) of Atlanta, GA; and Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, P.C. of Tulsa, OK. She graduated with honors from the University of Tulsa College of Law and also holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Jan is a member of the Georgia State bar.

Past events

29 Nov 2018 Specialty Session: Student Loan Repayment Benefit Features in 401(k) Plans
13 Nov 2018 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Meeting Today's Retirement Challenges
09 Oct 2018 WP&BC October Luncheon - Investment Menu Design and Fees
27 Sep 2018 Members-Only Networking Event: Eddie Merlot’s
11 Sep 2018 WP&BC September Luncheon: Don’t be the Weakest Link! Protect Benefit Plans from Risk of Cybersecurity Attacks
14 Jun 2018 2018 Breakfast with Benefits
07 Jun 2018 WP&BC Member Networking Event: Top Golf
26 Apr 2018 2018 Denver Benefits Summit
13 Mar 2018 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: What’s New in Health Plan Compliance
13 Feb 2018 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Economic and Market Update
09 Jan 2018 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: 2018 Regulatory Outlook for Retirement Plans
12 Dec 2017 December Luncheon - Mathemagician The Art of Mental Calculation
29 Nov 2017 Specialty Session: The Unique Challenges of the Plan Termination
14 Nov 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Target Date Retirement Funds
24 Oct 2017 Members Networking Event: ViewHouse
10 Oct 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Breaking Down Student Loan Benefits
12 Sep 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Financial Wellness Perspectives – A Panel Discussion
11 Jul 2017 WBC Cruise Guest
01 Jun 2017 WP&BC Member Networking Event: Top Golf
09 May 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Private Exchanges for Current and Retiree Populations
07 May 2017 "Breakfast with Benefits" - Info & Application Fee
20 Apr 2017 2017 Denver Benefits Summit
14 Mar 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: DOL Fiduciary Rule
14 Feb 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Economic Update
24 Jan 2017 Specialty Session: Taking A Closer Look at ESOPs
10 Jan 2017 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Post-Election Update: What Will Happen to Benefits?
13 Dec 2016 December Luncheon - He Speaks, She Speaks
15 Nov 2016 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Decumulation in Defined Contribution Plans – What’s the Right Strategy?
11 Oct 2016 October Luncheon - The 401 on Fee Benchmarking and Retirement Readiness with Tom Kmak
22 Sep 2016 Members Networking Event: Eddie Merlot’s
13 Sep 2016 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Washington Update
19 Jul 2016 2016 Western Benefits Conference
01 Jun 2016 Members' Signature Event: Educational Program and Rockies Game
28 Apr 2016 2016 Denver Benefits Summit
25 Apr 2016 "Breakfast with Benefits" Application Fee
08 Mar 2016 March Luncheon - ERISA Litigation – A Plaintiff’s Perspective vs. a Defendant’s Perspective
18 Feb 2016 February Luncheon - Economic Update - RESCHEDULED
09 Feb 2016 February Luncheon - Economic Update - RESCHEDULED DUE TO BRONCOS EVENT
12 Jan 2016 January Luncheon - Executive Compensation Trends in Public and Private Companies
08 Dec 2015 December Luncheon - Exposed: Tragedy and Triumph in Mountain Climbing
02 Dec 2015 Members-Only Specialty Session: Corporate Pension Plans: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Recent Changes
10 Nov 2015 WP&BC November Luncheon - ACA — Employer Reporting
13 Oct 2015 WP&BC October Luncheon - What to Anticipate in a DOL Investigation
17 Sep 2015 Members Networking Event: Eddie Merlot’s
08 Sep 2015 WP&BC Monthly Luncheon: Ethics and Professionalism in Employee Benefits
14 Jul 2015 Members-Only Specialty Session: The Supreme Court's Decision on Same Sex Marriage and its Impact on Employee Benefits
25 Jun 2015 1st Annual Members Only Signature Event: Networking Program and Rockies Game
27 May 2015 "Breakfast with Benefits" Application Fee
21 Apr 2015 2015 Denver Benefits Summit
31 Mar 2015 Members-Only Specialty Session: The Challenges of Uncashed Checks and Finding Missing Participants in 401(k) and Pension Plans
10 Mar 2015 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Winning Strategies for Collecting Social Security Benefits
10 Feb 2015 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Economic Update
13 Jan 2015 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Employee Benefit Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions
19 Nov 2014 Members-Only Specialty Session: Short-term and Long-term Incentive Plan Design and Related Issues
11 Nov 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - November Luncheon
14 Oct 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Practical PPACA
09 Sep 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Best Practices for Retirement Plan Boards and Trustees
27 Jul 2014 WP&BC Annual Conference
13 May 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Maximizing Employer Contributions – Cash Balance and Other Defined Benefit Plan Designs
22 Apr 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - 2014 Denver Benefits Summit
11 Mar 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Utilizing Nonqualified Plans and Incentive Arrangements as Executive Compensation Tools
11 Feb 2014 2014 Economic Update
28 Jan 2014 Specialty Session: In-plan Roth Rollovers and Transfers
14 Jan 2014 WP&BC Denver Chapter - The Great Target Date Debate – To Versus Through
10 Dec 2013 Don’t Wait Until Retirement to Live a Life of Interest
12 Nov 2013 WP&BC Denver Chapter - How the Supreme Court's Decision on DOMA Affects Employee Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses
29 Oct 2013 Upcoming Health Care Reform Regulations and the Employer Mandate
08 Oct 2013 JPMorgan – Maximizing Participant Behavior
10 Sep 2013 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Washington Update
22 Aug 2013 Members Networking Event: The Tavern - Downtown
21 Jul 2013 WP&BC Annual Conference
14 May 2013 WP&BC Denver Chapter - May Luncheon
23 Apr 2013 WP&BC Denver Chapter - Annual ERISA Update
12 Mar 2013 WP&BC Denver Chapter - March Luncheon
13 Feb 2013 Annual Economics Update
29 Jan 2013 Specialty Session: Details of the New EPCRS
08 Jan 2013 WP&BC Denver Chapter - January Luncheon
11 Dec 2012 Under the Influence...of Stress
13 Nov 2012 Retirement Income Accumulation Strategies
09 Oct 2012 Issues and Trends in the ERISA Ligation Arena
27 Sep 2012 Networking Event: The Palm
27 Sep 2012 Specialty Session: Employer Group Health Care for 2013 and Beyond
18 Sep 2012 Hot Topics in Employee Benefits
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